Johnny Gwynn

Singer-songwriter Johnny Gwynn has always made music a central part of his life. Growing up in Falmouth, MA, he’s played around the country and the world, making homes in Phoenix, AZ, Manchester England and recently Nashville, TN

Bebe Wood

Please welcome Bebe Wood, a fresh and dynamic new artist lending her ethereal, at times introspective, voice to an otherwise predictable music industry. In a sea of many, she stands out with an eclectic array of new tracks… sure to find a home in each of your hearts.

Dwayne Haggins

He’s been described as “the love child of Otis Redding and Doc Watson.” “The John Legend of rockabilly.” And recently, “a ‘what-took-you-so-long’ fusion of Elvis and Marvin Gaye.” But he is Dwayne Haggins, and his voice is his own.

CGB Project

The music was totally improvised. The vibe was super cool. Audiences loved it! Joe Calderon would find himself leaving the gig and saying to himself “I wished we had recorded the show!” CGB Project was born.