Queeny King

‘Who was born in India, raised in a religious cult, signed to a major record deal as a teenager and later married into an iconic musical family?

Answer: Verdict’s latest signing, Queeny King, (born Marieangela King), a self described “Alt-Pop Anarchist” who has consistently found herself on the precipice of that very surreal existence…a world where real life and the hard to believe collide and rarely, if ever, coexist. Yet, this is the world she inhabits.

Queeny comes from a large musical family, raised by parents who encouraged her and her equally gifted siblings to chase the music dream. Raised in 30 countries, her passport tells only part of her story – offering but a small glimpse into a life that few of us could ever imagine and will probably never know.

Queeny and her family lived a truly nomadic cult life. Paradoxically, she cut her teeth on Christian music before eventually transitioning to the more secular and mainstream POP genre and it was during this same time (2007) that she and her siblings secured a major recording contract which ultimately led to a signing with EMI Germany as “The King Family Band”.

She is a dichotomy in every sense – emotionally accessible but fiercely private, and sweet but mysterious and routinely unpredictable. She is comfortable allowing her music to speak for itself and it’s important to note that Queeny’s journey, involving both her music career and personal life has not always been an easy one.

Her Verdict debut single “She Wants To Kill Me is a vibey, synth-driven track that one could easily envision on an episode of AHS or The Yellowjackets and its hook, while thematically dark and cryptic, is actually a bold statement piece that reflects a recent life experience.

Queeny offers insight into the inspiration behind the track:

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been told to shut up, sit still & smile. Well, I played that part long enough and I’m not going to do THAT anymore. I’m an artist and I desperately needed to reclaim my voice and my artistry. The person that I was turning into was someone I couldn’t recognize and it was killing me. I had put my life on a shelf for love and was going through so much that I hadn’t been able to put out music in a very long time.

She continued, “The first chance I had, I got back into the studio with producer Joel Ferber and ‘She Wants To Kill Me’ just poured out of me. Joel is amazing to work with and we really vibed creatively. I hope this song connects with people and that it helps others who are going through similar struggles, while in toxic relationships.”


In 2021, Queeny teamed up with Grammy Nominated Shitty Princess on “Make Me Baby”, a high energy, EDM dance track and also made a cool lyric video which plays out like a cocktail-fueled, psychedelic dream from a fun girl’s night out. “Make Me Baby” was her first foray into the electronic dance music genre. Queeny actually performed the track at NYC’s epic Fashion Week that same year.

In the Spring of 2023, while in Germany, Queeny met up with her old friend Uli Beck (acclaimed German music producer) and co-wrote a song. The resulting collaboration, “FREAK” will also be released on Verdict Music. Queeny shared, “Uli played guitar on my very first record with EMI. This time I actually got the chance to write with him and collaborating was a dream come true. That song will be coming out soon and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”


Queeny King in blue outfit up against a mirror reflective surface.

Photo Credits: All photos by Nolen Ryan Photography.

Career highlights include performances on both sides of the pond at some of the world’s most iconic venues. Namely, London’s Club Tramp, an exclusive member’s only club known for its wild parties and celebrity clientele. She has also played the well known Viper Room and Club Peppermint in Los Angeles. But perhaps her most gratifying show to date was at the San Quentin Correctional Facility, where she shared the stage with Queens of The Stone Age, Deadsy and DJ Kraig Tyler from the band Crazytown.

Queeny, born in Mumbai to a German mother & British father, is married to musician Elijah Blue Allman, frontman of the band Deadsy and son of the late Greg Allman and Cher.

Verdict warmly welcomes Queeny King to their artist roster and looks forward with utmost excitement to future releases. She Wants To Kill Me out now everywhere music is sold and listened to!