These days, few things can wake up this writer from a deep Autumn slumber as effectively as an extra strong, fully caffeinated, double shot of Espresso but like all things in life…there are some notable exceptions. One of these exceptions is the soul rattling music of Leaving Eden – a premier, Boston-born rock band boasting not only a distinctive and immediately recognizable sound but also an impressive catalogue of mostly heavy, impossible-to-ignore tracks (10 full albums to date and counting). Go ahead…set your wake-up alarm to them and you may find that you actually prefer their signature exotic blend over the artificial jolt that your mundane first morning cup offers!

Self dubbed a New Millennium band, Leaving Eden borrows its inspiration from various musical genres but identifies predominantly as hard rock under a hybrid goth/prog/alternative header. This is a band that needs to be seen and heard live and the experience feels immersive and almost metaphysical at times depending on the set list. Staying true to their metal roots, the bulk of Eden’s repertoire are heavy, riff-driven originals and their recorded tribute covers to some of rock’s most iconic legends have also gotten their fair share of streams as well as many praiseworthy accolades. But irrespective of any one style or music industry label, one thing is clear… Leaving Eden is a cross-genre, multi-faceted workhorse that follows an integrative creative process and the proof is evident in their unique sound.

Leaving Eden is the living embodiment of the modern touring rock band while still maintaining an archetypal rock & roll mindset of “all in…there is no back up plan” and it is precisely this mantra that has sustained them. This is a band that lives for the stage, loves to perform and is not averse to life on the road. Since 2003 they have toured extensively. First, in their home state and stomping ground of Massachusetts then, rapidly expanded to neighboring New England states. They have since toured throughout North America, Europe, and select cities in Canada and have shared the stage with many legendary acts, literally hundreds of the most iconic names in rock. The list is long and distinguished but most notably, Alice Cooper, Anthrax, Alice in Chains, Black Sabbath, Big Brother and The Holding Company, Lynyrd Skynyrd, LA Guns and Nickelback just to name a few. They have worked closely with Grammy Award winning engineer Johnny K (Disturbed, 3 Doors Down, Megadeth & Sevendust) and will soon be reuniting with him on an upcoming studio project.

Leaving Eden is powered by EVE, the band’s charismatic and incredibly captivating front woman and it’s fair to say that Eden would not be the seismic event that it is today, if not for the sheer force of her commanding presence. Equal parts mortal and astral, Eve connects to her audience in a way that few earthly species do…lifting, guiding and ultimately, transporting them to places that they’ve never before ventured to through her frequent cacophonous rants and, at times, more hypnotic, if not haunting, vocals. She displays the grit and moxie of Janis Joplin but with far more refinement and new-age flair and her stage performance rivals the best of the best, in a true, gender-blind way.

If EVE is the face of Leaving Eden, Eric Gynan, the band’s ax wielding virtuoso, is the undeniable soul that not only bolsters EVE’s transcendent voice but also provides the needed foundational framework for the rest of the band via beautifully orchestrated melodies and perfectly placed solos. No matter the song style or format, (be it an acoustic ballad or adrenaline-fueled, arena worthy anthem on overdrive), Gynan’s guitar playing only further elevates Leaving Eden by providing the critically needed sonic muscle and appropriate sizzle. Also worth mentioning is the fact that, when not traveling to or from a show or performing on stage, Gynan can be found in his happy place – an impressive home studio – writing new material and forever perfecting his songwriting craft. He is the band’s primary writer, arranger and song architect but can also be heard singing on many of the tracks. 

Rounding out the ensemble is Alyssa Bailey White on keys whose playing style and perfectly blended harmonies provide added texture & dimensionality as the band’s main backing vocalist. Rich Chouinard, Eden’s bass player, brings not only a lifetime’s worth of seasoned playing skills but also his deep understanding of rhythmic timing for added depth and a truly optimal, enhanced sound. Chouinard also contributes vocally. Keeping time for the band and providing the essential must have splash is Jake Gynan, drummer extraordinaire, whose spot on timing deserves mentioning and does not go unnoticed.

A promo photograph to show off the members of Leaving Eden.

The band’s Verdict debut EP “Reflections” explores a more commercial, classic rock, sound reminiscent of early Fleetwood Mac and more recently, Daisy Jones & The Six (a Fleetwood Mac inspired fictional band whose series-created soundtrack charted & outperformed other songs in that same genre by bona fide artists).  On “Dancing by The Fire”, an uptempo radio-friendly track, we are transported back to a simpler and less distracted time. A time when keg parties ruled supreme and uninvited barefooted hippies vibed to whatever acetate was playing on the Marantz. For those of us who were lucky enough to grow up in that time, “Dancing by The Fire” feels both safe and familiar and the accompanying music video beckons us to pack up our favorite lawn chair, break out the marshmallows and head to the bonfire.

The band’s latest single “School’s Out”, is a sonic whirlwind cover of the Alice Cooper classic. Also out is “Pothead (It’s 4:20 Somewhere)”, an electric rock romp throwback to sillier times, and it’s catchy hooks are sure to make you want to put a pot on your own head!

Verdict Music proudly welcomes Leaving Eden’s latest singles “Pothead (It’s 4:20 Somewhere)” and “School’s Out”!