Micah Willis has been playing music for as long as he can remember. But, this should come as no surprise. Micah possesses talent that can only spawn from years of dedicated practice.

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, Micah began by playing harmonic with his dad, Kenny Neal, a professional blues musician. At eight years old, he became part of a children’s choir, which allowed him to experience performing in front of an audience. Shortly thereafter, Micah joined an after-school music program, for which he performed at venues across the country, including Carnegie Hall.

Now splitting his time between Salt Lake City and L.A., Micah has grown into a highly respected singer, songwriter, musician and actor. He has worked and played with the likes of Neon Trees, James Valentine (Maroon 5), Steve Smith (Journey), and Jeff Coffin (Dave Matthews Band). It also bears mentioning that Micah won four Downbeat Magazine awards all before graduating high school. He’s also appeared on the hit Disney TV show, Andi Mack.

Influenced by everyone from Miguel and The Weeknd to Fleetwood Mac, Micah seamlessly blends elements of pop, funk, and hip-hop into his high-energy, crowd-pleasing performances. Verdict Music Publishing is honored that Micah is now part of the roster.

Micah’s brand new single “Brand New” is now available! Also check out “Live From Cold House Studio” and the full length LP “Who The Hell is Micah Willis?“, now available on all major streaming platforms.


Micah Willis on a couch in dark photograph. In background, a purple neon sign reads "Forget" in cursive.