Ernest Thompson

Ernest Thompson

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In the ordinary course of a working artist’s life, reaching just one career milestone can be validating while achieving major global success comes with guaranteed bragging rights. Be it a prestigious nomination, winning a special award or being honored by your peers and colleagues at a formal induction ceremony. Indeed, for most of us, any one of those fêtes would be life-affirming if not transformative. 

Add to that certain hard-to-ignore prefixes such as “critically acclaimed”, “Oscar winning”, “Emmy/Tony nominated” and you have the kind of professional acclaim that few people ever garner and a level of success that even fewer ever dream of achieving in one lifetime. But one man did and his name is Ernest Thompson. 

Ernest Thompson is a multi-talented artist whose creative achievements span literature, theater, and film. With a career highlighted by an Oscar, two Golden Globes, and a Writers Guild Award, Ernest has left an indelible mark on the arts. 

His plays, including the timeless “On Golden Pond” which has been translated into 30 languages, have been performed worldwide, while his films showcase his versatility as both a writer and director. Did I mention that he is also a seasoned actor and that it was during an extended, less than ideal, stint while unemployed in that same capacity that he actually wrote “On Golden Pond”?  

What some may not know is that in addition to his love of theatre and film, Thompson is also a gifted lyricist and celebrated songwriter boasting an expansive, ever growing, catalogue of impressive musical works. Over the years, he has collaborated with many talented musicians – a long and distinguished list that includes both new and emerging artists and more recognizable names such as the legendary Carly Simon with whom he and his frequent composing partner Joe Deleault co-wrote “Father Daughter Dance” and Natalie MacMaster – a Cape Breton native whose prodigious fiddle playing helped give birth to the anthemic “On Golden Pond”

Worth noting is the fact that Thompson’s catalogue is eclectic by design as he has intentionally sought out some of the best and most accomplished musicians in order to expand his repertoire and create a well-rounded anthology.

The resulting work is truly genre blind and no two projects ever sound alike. This is a good thing and oh, so refreshing!

Thompson continues to innovate with new projects, such as the upcoming film sequel “Home On Golden Pond” and the provocative indie film “Parallel America,” co-starring Emmy-winning Gordon Clapp. His dedication to the arts is matched by his prolific output, with over 35 plays and numerous films to his name. His latest novel “The Book of Maps” is now available. 

But his influence extends beyond traditional media. From his 200-year-old farm in New Hampshire, Thompson hosts the internationally renowned Write On Golden Pond workshops and established the prison writing program Rescind Recidivism with his wife, Kerrin Thompson. His commitment to nurturing new talent and providing creative outlets for diverse voices is evident in his extensive mentorship and coaching work.

Photograph of Ernest Thompsons 2024 induction into the New Hampshire Literary Hall of Fame.

Regarding his efforts, Thompson was inducted into the New Hampshire Literary hall of fame for “being a beacon of inspiration for future writers.” and held the honor of being the keynote speaker for the New Hampshire Writers Project’s 603 Writers Conference.

As a songwriter, playwright, director, and actor, Ernest Thompson’s legacy is one of creativity, passion, and an unwavering commitment to his craft.

Check out Ernest’s latest single You Are Loved”, co-written and performed by Justin Jaymes. Now available to stream on all major platforms!