It would take a lot more space than this opportunity affords & far too many keystrokes to adequately showcase the many talents of Verdict’s latest signing. Welcome MannyA, a N.Y. based, Cuban born multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter with well-earned bragging rights as a seasoned master percussionist. Yet, despite his notable and well-deserved accolades spanning an illustrious career, Manny maintains an unassuming humility that is both rare and refreshing especially, given his expansive and ever growing resume. 

A consummate professional, Manny is consistently expanding his reach while further perfecting his craft and both colleagues & industry professionals alike have endearingly described him as a true “musician’s musician”. 

He cut his teeth as a teenager playing in tourist hotels all over Cuba and eventually left his homeland in 2003. But for the occasional nostalgic memory of his prior life on the island, he has never looked back. 

A proverbial troubadour, Manny is forever shape-shifting to meet the challenge of the day, be that as an adjunct member of a large musical ensemble or as an accomplished solo artist playing at any number of impressive venues. 

Take a moment to acquaint yourself with his highly addictive debut track “Que Siga La Gozadera” (video below), an uptempo dance track with an infectious hook that seamlessly blends a signature Latin rhythm with tastefully infused melodies. It’s the type of track that you will find yourself moving to the instant you hear it and the accompanying video will have you signing up for Zumba lessons or planning an impromptu get-away to some exotic Caribbean island! Listen to it if you dare but we caution that it is not for the faint of heart. So go ahead… press play, then try not to move but don’t say we didn’t warn you!  




Professional headshot of MannyA with a neutral facial expression against a dark background.

MannyA may be a long way from his homeland of Cuba but has never forgotten that it is the place that shaped him. Archetypically Latin but quintessentially Cuban, Manny is the embodiment of the modern day Latin American musician. Whether playing an intimate NY Jazz club or at Carnegie Hall, Manny brings not only his technical proficiency to the stage but also an understated refinement, elegance and class reminiscent of years gone by.

Most recently, he played the prestigious Toros y Salsa Fest in Southern France but routinely shares the stage with Hernan Romero, a world renowned classical Flamenco guitarist as well as Edwin Perez and Yuniel Jimenez. He has toured extensively with David Broza, an Israeli singer-songwriter and has performed with Braily Ramos of Celia Cruz fame. Most noteworthy, his creative contributions in 2016 with the late Andy Gonzalez yielded a Grammy nomination for Best Latin Jazz Album. Verdict warmly welcomes MannyA and invites you to do the same.

Stay tuned for much more MannyA!