Bebe Wood started writing songs when she was 15 years old, and didn’t necessarily start writing with the intention of creating an EP. Her writing reflects a snapshot of a special moment in time, a memory or experience, and she learned how to write music as she was knee deep in the process. She would throw on her favorite Beatles record on vinyl, and would strongly connect; serving as inspiration and building her confidence as a songwriter.

Her debut 6 song EP, “21st Century Hippie”, offers a dynamic showcase of both her songwriting skills and vocal styles.

In addition to her work as a musician, Bebe has been acting professionally since the early age of 11.


“Sonically, it’s pure cool, a badass feminist anthem that won’t think twice to pull a switchblade on some fool the second he steps out of line.” – Jason Brow, Hollywood Life

Micah Willis standing against a light gradient while wearing a yellow jacket with a serious facial expression.

Photo Credits: Black and white photograph by Adam Hendershott. Color photograph by to Seb Xavier.

Her just released EP 21st Century Hippie impresses with a free-spirit approach to pop-rock that’s true to its title. Its title track makes for a good sample, a five-minute sway-along that sounds like Sheryl Crow by way of Kacey Musgraves.” – J. Lipshutz, Billboard